Friday, August 15, 2014

Getting Some Thoughts Out

   It feels strange having two blogs. I kind of regret getting a tumblr blog, because I'm not really sure what to post on it. I'm also not very good at blogging. I can be self conscious about how I write.
Lately I've been slow on ideas. They come to me at random moments. I keep thinking, "whats next? whats next?" or "what should come after this panel? how should it continue?" Something will come to mind, but it won't be good enough. Too obvious, too cheesy, too simple, not enough thought. It'll be stuck in my mind for a while. Then by brain always comes up with something better. Something to improve it.

   I will admit I shot less this summer. Or maybe more? Everything feels scattered and I must be more organized, but of course once I organize its all over the place again. I guess thats how I like it. Everything must be in front of me, and if I put it away I have this fear of forgetting that its there. I have written to do lists and left them on my night table, or stacks of books near my bed. Pretty much listed with the same things, but each has one different thing I should do. I have been painting, and so far I've only completed two. I don't mind that I've only filled two canvases, it means I actually took my time on a painting for once. Usually I'll whip something up and end up not liking it. I've noticed it takes me a while to churn. I must think about something for a while before doing it, and I must know exactly what I want. I must sketch it out a few times. The same figure, but different poses, different colors, and trying different body types. Looking at old drawings to see what I can combine.

   Same thing with creating a story. Once I came up with something and decided to do it on the spot. But now I have to keep redrawing it, reducing and adding panels. Trying to figure out what emotions are being felt, and why. I keep several notebooks, and sketch books. I write all my ideas in them. I try to keep them all in one, but I grab what ever is in front of me and scribble it down. This is a habit of mine because due to my bad memory I grab what ever pen and paper is in my reach, and write things down right away before it vanishes.

Before the year ended I went out for a walk because I was tired of my tiny dorm. I felt a little restless and anxious. I just kept walking and snapping.

   These two ended up being part of my favorites. The only thing is that the text is rather annoying. In the top I like the colors, but the stickers on the window are distracting to me. On the bottom I like how the horse on the woman's sweater is mimicking the horse on the window, but Big Gay Ice Cream's text is in the way. I didn't take these for anything important, just for fun. Yet, I poke at them. Pointing out the things I don't like. 

   This one is probably my top favorite. I loved the color of her jacket and her flowing long hair. 


   I found these hanging above a "store" called Nothing For Sale. It wasn't open, of course. I peeked inside the front window, and it had a variety of antique looking things. I'll have to venture back to it soon. 

   This pink pair of khakis caught my eye in a dry cleaners. I've been drawn to pink things lately. I find comfort and discomfort in the color. I think thats why I like it. 

   This has ended up to be a bit of a rant. Its very late. I'll watch a silly video or two to loosen myself up and go to bed. Hope you're having a good week.


New Store!

I just made a store on Redbubble. I'm going to post some black and white photos soon.

Check it out!